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發佈日期 : 2010-11-18
Professor Shou-Jen Bien is currently the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, in charge of integrating the affairs of environmental visual communication, digital media, and other departments such as the Department of Applied English and Japanese as well as responsible for planning and conducting the affairs of campus catering, electronic information, and the business school’s special curriculum. He is also one of the founding board directors of Asia Pacific Cultural Creative Industry Association and in charge of project cooperations and quality improvement consultations. In addition, Professor Bien also assumes the following positions: academic reviewer related to industrial design area in the Ministry of Education, examiner and committee chair of the design area in the Civil Service Senior Examinations of Ministry of Examination, director and supervisor in Taiwan Children’s Commodities R&D  Center, project reviewer and judge of competitions in the Industrial Development Bureau, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, the Department of Industrial Technology of Ministry of Economic Affairs. Previously, Professor Bien was full-time professor, department chair, and dean of the Department of Industrial Design and its own graduate school as well as committee member in all levels of committees at National Taipei University of Technology. Furthermore, he was an evaluation member of university evaluations, judge of certificate for Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, project host of academic disciplines in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, committee member of theses and dissertations at National Cheng-Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Yulin University of Science and Technology, and Ming Chuan University, board director and supervisor of China Industrial Designers Association, and board member and supervisor of Designers Association, etc.
Achievements from completed research projects: execution and preparation for the first phase of the improvement for industrialized designing ability project from the Ministry of economic affairs industry bureau in 1989. Achievements include: 1. Facilitating faculty members and students achievements in the cultivation of personnel, cooperative research projects, and development from the Department of Industrial design National Taipei University of Technology. 2. Resulting in the establishment of Taiwan Design Center. Convener of College of Design of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology: achievements include: the largest scale in numbers of faculty members and students within national universities.
Executive Officer of the Taiwan Culture Luxury Design Teaching and Learning Center of the Ministry of Education from 2003-2006. Achievements include: establishment of interactive courses, platforms, cooperative research projects, and teaching and learning resources conformity between the institutions of, Department of Industrial design National Taipei University of Technology, Institute of Applied Art of National Chiao Tung University, Department of Industrial Design of Tatung University, Department of Industrial Design of National United University, and the Arts and Crafts Design Department of Tung-Fang Institute of Technology. Achievements of study abroad programs for elites in arts between 2005 and 2008 include: seven elite members in the field of arts and design were selected to attend training programs in the Art Center and Royal College of Art in the US, UK and Offenbach in Germany. There were a total of 21 students who attended the programs. Achievements from the project of Knowledge Platform for Innovative Toy Design Collaboration between 2005 to 2009 include: Innovation in domestic industry of toys and products. Innovative management model establishing from users stand point in knowledge management, patented and technical authorization for after event knowledge creation. The participating company acquired customized system Footwear and the technical authorization was successfully transferred to the Recreation Technology Research Institute.
The core of Professor Bien’s research has always been closely related to his profession in designing, and he tends to conduct research in the fields of project management, research and methodology in designing, cognitive psychology on creativity, and scenario-based design. The recent research has been focused on :
1) Researching and developing product-design concepts for various industries by means of user-oriented design (UOD).2) Conducting research on phenomenology, such as ethnographic design and scenario-based design projects.3) Expanding the core of design knowledge into cross-field innovation value chain by managing a variety of related projects.He has published his research work in various renowned periodicals and conferences. He is also the author of several books in his professional field. Furthermore, he has been closely working with the business sector by collaborating on different projects. Professor Bien has visited schools and places for academic exchange, such as Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Art Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Design Management Institute (DMI), and numerous renowned universities all over the world.
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